Account openning lead specialist / главный специалист по открытию счетов (корпоративный блок)

Key responsibilities:

  • Consult Bank’s clients on legal aspects of the opening, maintenance and closing of bank accounts and preparation of documentation;
  • Prepare main banking documents related to the opening, maintenance and closing of bank accounts;
  • Prepare agreement with the relevant Bank departments of the draft bank account contracts, contract of use of the signature card as well as other agreements (contracts) between the Bank and its clients;
  • Analyze current legislation, which relates to the activities of the Bank Group;
  • Perform systematization of documents of the Bank Group, which relate to the opening, maintenance and closing of the bank accounts;
  • Perform legal check of documents, submitted to the Bank by clients for the opening, maintenance and closure of bank accounts;
  • Cooperate with the respective state bodies in legal matters relating to the activities of the Bank Group;
  • Check completeness and correctness of the provided documents, providing comments (if required) to all provided account opening, maintenance and closure documents by clients, stakeholder;
  • Create client’s legal file upon completion of account opening process and duly archiving/storing;
  • Provide all necessary feedback and assistance to all stakeholders and clients.


  • Master degree in Law or Economics;
  • Minimum 3 years experience in Account Opening;
  • Undestanding of relative Russian and international legal environment, knowledge of CBR instructions and laws related to account opening;
  • Certificate on CBR 153-I Instruction training and other trainings related to account opening;
  • High level of responsibility, stress resistance, client-oriented approach;
  • Communication skills - verbal and written;
  • Fluent English.
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