Business Assistant/Junior Coordinator

Key requirements:

  • Good verbal and written communication and translation skills in Russian, English and (optionally) in Japanese
  • Numerical, analytical and IT skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Basic knowledge of trading (import and export)
  • Passion to consumer related business especially to Japanese products/market
  • Business Experience is necessary at least as intern-ship (during studies)

The main job duties are:

Under the direction of General Manager of the department,

  • Primarily works with existing clients with the objective of maintaining or expanding their business and also search for new clients by direct marketing, or through personal contacts. Assists with the preparation of a bid and the negotiation of all facets of the contract. Once the contract is awarded, assists in the execution.
  • Maintains existing business with established clients, by processing their orders, ensuring that their purchase arrives on an efficient, timely basis and addressing their inquiries. Consistently works to expand and strengthen the client relationship.
  • For both established and new clients, participates in negotiating the sales contracts for a specified products and services within the business department’s industry with the objective of maximizing profit yet providing value to both the supplier and customer. Requires cost and cash flow analysis to determine the appropriate buying and selling prices.

Our image of salary (depending on previous experience) 55-65000 RUB + bonuses twice a year + voluntary medical/life insurance

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